Did you know that your voice is the energetic doorway to lasting transformation?

Each voice is a unique blend of frequencies. Hidden in the five octaves of your voice is a CODE with the power to release years of pent up fear and anxiety. Why? Because your voice is an energetic record of your past, present and future that reflects your body, soul, emotions and mind.

1. Every human voice is utterly unique – even more so, actually, than your fingerprints.  That’s because, where your fingerprints are stable over your lifetime, yourvoice is always in flux.  It’s affected by many things, including physical stressors, environment, diet, sleep, and especially your emotions and your thoughts.

2. The state of balance or imbalance, the health or disease of your organs, your core psychological or emotional patterns, and lifelong patterns of strengths and weaknesses… All of these are reflected in your voice.  And they can be assessed and mapped with incredible, laser-like precision.

3. It’s impossible to repress or disguise the blend of frequencies in your voice. So your voice becomes a reliable window into human consciousness, and a doorway to your own self- healing through sound.

4. As with a kaleidoscope, when one piece of the whole pattern begins to move in response to the application of sound frequencies, the rest of the pieces naturally shift also, until an entirely new pattern is formed.  Thus, deep-seated fears, grief, attachments, and worries can be released.

5. And, unlike urine, blood or brainwave analysis, your voice sample can be taken in seconds… You don’t even need to be physically present.

How Quantum Sound Therapy Works… 

A software program assesses the imbalances in your voice (including parts of your voice which are too strong, and those which are too soft or missing), based on a 10-second sample of your speaking voice. Your voice sample is then compared to our library of over one and a half billion possible sounds in the human voice.  

Scanning for the imbalances, the software program then creates the specific frequencies which can harmonize what’s out of balance in your voice. 

Since “what’s in your voice is in your life”, when you listen to your personal balancing frequencies, your body absorbs the missing or balancing frequencies… And, in the process, the stress you’ve held onto (which was creating the blocks and disharmony) is released.  

Result:  relaxation within less than ½ an hour of listening to your balancing frequencies.

So, according to Helena Reilly, psychologist and co-creater of Quantum Sound Therapy, “finding your frequency is actually the secret key to letting go and discovering your authentic vibrational self… taking the guesswork out of your self-healing and transformation.”

Quantum Sound Therapy = An Acceleration in Your Transformation

The most important thing to understand about our sound therapy is that this process accelerates your personal growth and transformation.  The unwanted “stuff” which has become stuck to your emotional body, as a result of carrying old stress habits, patterns, and beliefs, is dissolved into frequency… By releasing that which is not truly you, you become freed to deepen into more of your human potential, accelerating your self-actualization.

And it’s as easy as listening to your own unique-to-you balancing frequencies.

You’ll listen to your frequencies with the Miracle iCube during your session. We’ll give you a jump drive with your session on it so you can listen to it in the weeks that follow. We recommend listening once or twice a day for a few weeks for optimal results.

These quantum tones, or frequencies, are like a personal symphony. They create the space for harmony and initiate release of stored emotional stress resulting in heightened awareness, expansion and alignment with your life purpose.

Structured and Programmed Water

Your voice analysis is also imprinted into Spirit Molecule water which helps you achieve higher states of consciousness, awareness, and bliss. This formula contains DMT, a naturally occurring substance in all life on the planet that activates pineal centers in the brain. Drinking this structured water that has been imprinted from your voice session provides delivery of your coherent frequency information directly to your cells, so they is imprinted at a cellular level.

Group Quantum Sound Session

An intentional group analysis session can be very powerful and transformational.

By taking a 10-second voice sample from the group, as a whole, analysis is performed and a frequency playlist is created. These quantum tones are then played through the Miracle iCube (scalar energy) which creates a quantum coherent field. The group intention is amplified and supported.