What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an experiential process where one can transform themselves on a very personal level while assisting with the healing and expansion of group consciousness. Participants access a deeper part of their breathing mechanism using a specific vigorous, connected breath technique. We incorporate a variety of our intuitive offerings into these sessions. The blending of these tools help bringthe participants to a deeper connection with their inner world. The range of participant experiences is very broad.

Breathwork can induce changes on a physical, emotional and psychological level. On a physical level, some experience intensely rich activity and even shaking in different parts of the body, while other people remain perfectly still. On an emotional level, one person may be feeling a sense of wellbeing, tranquility, happiness even bliss while another is experiencing anger, sadness, guilt or shame. Some participants experience all of it in one session. On a psychological level, we can also see a very diverse variety of experiences. We offer varying themes each month which influence the music selection. No two sessions are ever the same. We offer these sessions in personalized private sessions, small groups of 8 or less and large groups

The most common immediate benefits experienced include:

• Deep emotional release

Lower stress and anxiety levels

Clearing of negative imprints from early life

Complete relaxation and peace

Insight and inspiration

Expanded awareness

Increased energylevels, oxygenated cells

Clarity and focus


Connection with other dimensions

Ecstatic experiences

Breathwork Offerings

Breathwork Essentials for Inner Exploration

These two-hour sessions are guided by experienced facilitators and include a guided meditation, induction and 60-75 mins of breathwork to a hand-crafted playlist followed by a short integration.

Breathwork Essentials is for all who are interested in accessing deeper states of awareness and self-healing through the combined power of breath and music. All experience levels welcome! Perfect for beginners; Great for experienced breathworkers who want an additional opportunity to deep dive with breathwork.

*This is a shorter and lighter version of our Ceremonial Breathwork. Experience in these sessions + facilitator approval are required to participate in our longer, 3-hr Ceremonial Breathwork sessions.

Bring a mat/floor pad/camping mat, pillow, blanket, eye mask, water and journal. Whatever you need to be comfortable on the floor.

Our sessions are not for you if you are pregnant, have heart disease or psychiatric history. Ask if you are unsure if you should attend. We do have a form we’d like you to fill out before attending your first breathwork session with us. Please email Shela for an application.

PREREQUISITES: None. However, if you do not have any previous experience with meditation, breathwork, or accessing deeper states of consciousness, we suggest attending Shela’s 4-week Breath Initiation series and various forms of meditation and self-inquiry prior to attending.


HOW DO I REGISTER? Contact or (918) 576-1430 or check our Facebook events page for detailed information on each session: .

WHAT IS THE COST? Costs vary depending on session. On average, our Breathwork Essential sessions range from $35 to $50.

Interested in individual sessions or having us come to your event or group with a custom breathwork offering? (We do travel to nearby states/communities, contact us for information).

Ceremonial Breathwork

Our Ceremonial Breathwork is highly experiential and personal. Our facilitators, Deb and Shela, create the ceremonial container that honors the timeless wisdom of ancients while creating clear, intentional space for participants to access the wisdom from within; healing can happen when we allow ourselves to open and align with your highest awareness.

During these sessions, we infuse our bodies with oxygen and life force (prana). As we begin to trust the breath, our energy body is activated and the pathways to our deep inner work open. In this safe container, the possibility exists to release stagnant energy of unhealed parts and outdated programming. This energy activation can awaken us to possibilities that may have been hidden or repressed and allow for the integration. When the channels or pathways are open we can receive information in a whole new way. It can enliven and connect us to our source providing clarity, vision and inspiration or simply allow us to bliss out in a deeply altered state.

These sessions start with a short discussion on a pre-determined topic that lends to our theme. We will move into intention, induction and 90-120 minutes of vigorous, circular breathing to a customized and evocative playlist followed by a short integration.

Each session is different and will incorporate different modalities and experiential work. These sessions may also include any or none of the following: channeling/light language, energy activation, flower essences/oils, sound therapy, cacao, crystals, Lucia Light and more. *additional pricing for special offerings.

These sessions may be for you if you already have a spiritual practice and experience with non-ordinary spaces. These sessions are created to continue to challenge you, develop your own self-understanding and gifts and allow you to contribute those to the larger group. While the focus is always on the individual, we’ll be expanding awareness to the collective as well.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING: Bring a mat or floor pad, pillow, blanket, eye mask and water. Whatever you need to be comfortable lying on the floor for a minimum of 2 – 2 1/2 hours.

**if you plan to attend regularly, we recommend purchasing a tri-fold mat for an optimal experience.

WHO SHOULD NOT PARTICIPATE: These sessions are not for anyone who is pregnant, with heart disease or psychiatric history. If you are unsure if you should participate, please contact us.

PREREQUISITES: Must have experience in our other breathwork sessions + facilitator approval to participate. Advanced registration is required. No walk-ins.

HOW DO I REGISTER? Contact or (918) 576-1430 or check our Facebook events page for detailed information on each session: .

WHAT IS THE COST? Costs vary depending on session. On average, our Ceremonial Breathwork sessions range from $50 to $75.

Interested in individual sessions or having us come to your event or group with a custom breathwork offering? (We do travel to nearby states/communities, contact us for information)

Private Breathwork Sessions

A private Breathwork session is an active breath-focused meditation that allows one to take charge of their own healing journey with the guidance & intuitive support of our facilitators. Each private session is tailored specifically to the individual or couple. The breath connects us to our entire being allowing us to get out of the mind where we often stay stuck trying to figure it all out. 

Your experience during a private session will be different every time. However, we will always tune into a specific intention for your session and use the breath to clear out stuck energy, emotions, belief systems and open channels of a more expanded state of awareness. In these sessions, we can peel back the layers that keep us engaged in addictive behaviors, self-sabotage and separation. If you keep finding yourself cycling through the same patterns or are feeling unhappy with aspects of your life, there is most likely some healing that you are ready to receive.


The first session will include a consultation to determine where you are in the present  moment. Your facilitator guides you through the breathing technique for a one-hour period, which allows you to work through any physical, emotional and mental blockages you may have within your body. The first session can often be a more physical experience as you create the capacity for a greater flow of positive energy in your body and simultaneously encourages unconscious belief systems to rise to the surface, so they can be acknowledged and then transformed.

Most people will initially feel some form of physical sensations such as tingling. This is the body waking up and cells literally vibrating from the increased intake of energy.  The tingling will usually occur in the position of the body where an issue is located. This can bring about an increased awareness of an emotion, or feeling that may not have been experienced for a long time. Sometimes you experience bliss and ease, sometime you need to go through catharsis and release in order to access your authentic bliss.

Note: We may not always do a full one hour Breathwork session during your initial appointment. This is dependent upon how much time is required for consultation, breathing assessment and practice.         


  • Initial consultation
  • 90 minute session is $135.00
  • Previous clients may purchase and book one session at a time.
  • New clients urged to purchase a three pack $355.


  • Initial consultation
  • 90 min session is $185.00
  • Previous clients may purchase and book one session at a time.
  • New clients urged to purchase a three pack $475.

You have two practitioners to choose from for a single or couples (or partners), session:

Deb Worthington– the breathing portion of your session is done to a playlist utilizing the power of music to facilitate your process. This is a more intense breathwork session. 

Contact Deb to book your session at 918-630-6790 or email 

Shela Tarwater-Crump– the breathing portion of your session does not include music. This is a gentler breathwork session. Good for all breath experience levels and particularly good for those new to breathwork.

Contact Shela to book your session at 918-576-1430 or email

Breathwork Testimonials

I have been a regular at Transcendent Tulsa for almost three years now, participating in monthly breathwork sessions and also receiving Lucia Light and Quantum Sound therapy. This has truly been a life changing transformation for me, becoming conscious of my higher self and higher dimensions of being. I’m on a journey to healing mind, body and spirit. Thank you, Deb.

Annerose D.

Such a beautiful experience! Will never miss another event… Thank you for the safe space provided to do this deep work. I’m so blessed to have been a part of it and am looking forward to many more to come. Can’t say enough about the experience and love that was shared in this space! Much needed… thank you, thank you!

Cathy K.