Experiential Spaces for Inner Exploration & Expanded States of Consciousness

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Lucia Light Experience

A hypnagogic light technology that promotes optimal wellbeing. The experience has been described as a combo of deep meditation and psychedelic journey.

Sound & Vibration Therapy

Himalayan singing bowls, as well as, gongs, tingsha, drums, and even the voice may be used to naturally bring the body back into harmony through vibrational therapy.

Quantum Sound Therapy

The Miracle iQube synergistically combines the science of scalar energy with sound therapy to effect permanent subconscious transformation analyzing your voice.

Vibro Acoustic / Sound Beds

So Sound® (ART) Acoustic Resonance Technology translates music into a deeply soothing, stress-reducing, total mind/body, musical massage experience. You will enjoy feeling the music as you simultaneously hear the music, resonating through the entire body and mind; thus allowing for full relaxation.


Breathwork is an experiential process where one can transform themselves on a very personal level while assisting with the healing and expansion of group consciousness.

About Us

Transcendent Tulsa is a women-owned business creating safe, experiential spaces for inner exploration and self-healing using a variety of tools, techniques and technologies. We offer one-on-one therapeutic sessions, classes, workshops, retreats, and personalized experiences, for you and your family, friends, employees and colleagues. We assist individuals and groups to tap into embodied expanded states of consciousness, feelings of well-being and deep relaxation.

We strive to provide unique offerings for the Tulsa area and to extensively vet any affiliate speakers, facilitators and classes offered in our space so you can feel comfortable in your explorations.

Special Events & More 

Every experience results in growth; find an experience to have with us.

Transcendent Tulsa is located at 1401 E. 11th St, Unit E in Tulsa OK.